Education prepares young people to do adult jobs.

What is the most challenging and most important job any adult does?

Parenting Children of course!

Yet our schools do little to PREPARE TOMORROW’S PARENTS.

The Connecticut Coalition for Child Development Education is working to change things.

Quite simply, we want Connecticut school districts to incorporate child development education, for all students, into their curriculum. We believe that while individual districts should decide for themselves how best to do this, we have compiled a recommended list of child development topics that should be covered.

Statistics show that 80% of Connecticut’s high school students will be tomorrow’s parents. Although child development courses are offered in many high schools, State wide only 8% of students take them. We think ALL students should be prepared for this most important job!

Child development education is working in other states. We want Connecticut to remain a leader in eduction that prepares young people to become productive and responsible adults.