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The Science of Your Life: Child Development and Healthy Relationships

Feb 7, 2013 No Comments ›› admin

Why is it that by the time students finish high school they have spent more time learning to drive than they have learning the information they will need to become good parents?  The Science of Your Life: Child Development and Healthy Relationships course is designed to address that problem. Although it is not a parenting …

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Summary of Research on School Based Child Development Education

Feb 6, 2013 No Comments ›› admin

School Outcomes are related to parenting practices Research over the past three decades documents that achievement test scores and student’s attitudes and behavior are highly impacted by the quality of prenatal and early childhood care, parents’ level of  involvement in a child’s education, and whether a child has experienced some form of child abuse (Margolies …

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Educating Future Parents

Feb 6, 2013 No Comments ›› admin

All parents and potential parents need to know about caring for and guiding children between the ages of birth to five: The responsibilities of parenthood: not just providing food, clothing and shelter to the child, but also taking care of health problems, cleanliness, protecting the child; teaching good behavior, talking and reading, helping the child …

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Our Goal

Feb 6, 2013 No Comments ›› admin

The goal of The Connecticut Coalition for Child Development Education is to get education in child development, child safety and parenting skills to all students sometime before they graduate from high school. Why do We Need Education in Child Development, Child Safety and Parenting Skills for All Our Students? Few parents take parenting courses once …

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The Science of Child Development

Jul 19, 2011 1 Comment ›› admin

The Federal Government has spent millions funding child development research. It is time to teach high school students about the findings of this research so that later when they become parents they can apply this important knowledge. High school students take many science courses including Biology, Earth Science, Physics and Chemistry. The Connecticut Coalition for …

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